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  • Casablanca’s Digital Transformation: ‘CasaStore’ Launches Mobile App

Casablanca’s Digital Transformation: ‘CasaStore’ Launches Mobile App

The CasaStore web platform has launched a mobile version with the aim of improving the lives of Casablanca’s tech-savvy residents.

Rabat – The web platform “CasaStore” is launching its mobile application to facilitate usage and bring its services closer to mobile phone users. 

CasaStore allows the collection of various digital apps related to Morocco’s economic capital.

In a world ruled by technology, where people use their gadgets 24/7, the CasaStore platform is considered one of the top technological solutions that the local development company “Casa Services” created amid the city’s digital transformation. 

Casa Services is an initiative that local communities in Casablanca established in 2014. The services company is in charge of development, management, control, monitoring, and evaluation of the local and public services through its assigned projects.


Among the business units Casa Services is responsible for are the slaughterhouses in Casablanca, the wholesale market for fruits and vegetables, as well as Casablanca’s digital transformation project, communication, and communal police administration.

The main objective for creating CasaStore is to make the platform the ideal tool to facilitate communication between Casablanca’s public administrations and the city’s software professional developers. 

One of the goals is to enrich the platform and the work of the professional program and app developers.

The platform allows professionals to share their opinions and proposals concerning the new technologies in Casablanca, in addition to offering apps and other innovations aiming to make life easier — and more digitized — for Casablanca residents.

But the digital platform does not aim to be the sole preserve of tech professionals. It also gives the opportunity to citizens who are not necessarily well-versed in new technologies and software to share their thoughts, proposals, and concerns regarding ways to develop Casablanca. 

How to use the CasaStore platform

The CasaStore application is divided into three categories: One for visitors, one for the users, and one for professional program and app developers.

The “visitors” category does not require users to have an account in order to access the application. Visitors can browse the CasaStore web platform as well as the mobile app to read the articles offered and consult the calendar of events in Casablanca and activities related to the latest developments in technology and digital communication.


The “users” category gives those who use the CasaStore platform a personal account that can be connected to other platforms such as Facebook and Google. In this category, users can suggest events in Casablanca that are related to new technology to add to the app’s calendar.

The platform also allows users to submit articles on new technologies. After their approval by the editorial team, in accordance with the editorial charter and ethical conditions, they can be published on the platform.

The third category is for professional program and app developers, who also have the same usage terms and personal accounts as the regular “users.” In addition, people in the “professionals” category have the opportunity to propose catalogs of new apps and programs that will be shared online on the platform. The condition of sharing the new apps is that they must relate to the city of Casablanca.

By Jihad Dardar

Nov 15, 2020


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