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Since 2015, Casablanca has been engaged in a new strategy that focuses on the digital transformation of the city management. The agenda adopted for the development of Grand Casablanca, and which has been submitted to His Majesty the King Mohamed IV, aims at upgrading Casablanca to the range of smart cities. To this effect, Casablanca city has developed and promotes a new urban vision that it aspires to an accessible and a competitive city that provides a congenial environment to live in, it aspires to a smart city.


By building a more flexible and responsive communication gateway between the citizens and the public administration, through reshaping the bonds between the people of Casablanca and their city.

Forget about the administrative complexities, the need for papers and documents, and roundtrips because the strategy brought along paves the way to a competitive digital offer, improvements in the business environment and the lifestyle of the citizens of Casablanca, and most importantly leads to procedural simplification (e-administration, civil status documents, commercial license, etc.)

To this end, and in order to carry out the digital transformation of Casablanca, Casablanca Prestations, a local development company, was commissioned by the City Council to study the development of the Blueprint of the Digital Transformation of Casablanca in collaboration with two expert firms, one national and one is international, specialized in the field. The Blueprint, which was approved by Casablanca City Council during February 2018 Session, has helped develop an operational vision of the digital transformation of Casablanca, while considering the engagement of all stakeholders of the city and strengthening their relations by pooling and synergy between local, public and private actors.


The aim is to produce a comprehensive plan for the digital fitting-out and development of services to the users, for the sake of digital transformation of the city. Smart City services aim at better serving every component, be it citizens, corporations, tourists, associations, or state administrations, through a modern management of the city.


New digital services

The Blueprint aims at providing a digital source for the improvement of urban management and reinforcement of the overall attractiveness of the city of Casablanca by offering services that are harmonized with its status as a Smart City. The services are divided, below, into five categories:

  • Administrative Services notably the e-administration and public engagement;
  • Services of general public interest including culture, tourism and even public safety;
  • Citizen mobility Services i.e. transportation and even parking;
  • Urban Services to improve waste management and upgrade street furniture;
  • Environment-related Services including pollution control and green space management.